In the energy sector that we have been in since 2013, there are Hydroelectric, Solar Energy and Wind Energy Power Plant Projects in Aksaray and Kahramanmaraş in addition to Çumra, Beyşehir and Karapınar districts, especially Meram and Selçuklu, Konya's central districts.
With a total investment of over 50 million Euros, the total power of the plants is about 50 MW.

Hydroelectric Power Plant

  • Tayfun Hydroelectric Power Plant

    At the beginning of 2013, Kadirli Enerji Üretim A.Ş. The Tayfun Hydroelectric Power Plant on the Keşiş Stream is located in the Kahramanmaraş province Andırın county of Kumarlı village. Our plant, which has an installed capacity of 830 KW and which continues its efforts to deliver this power to 10 MW, contributes approximately 1.5 million KW / h to the annual energy production of our country

Solar Power Plant

  • 8 MW Licensed Solar Power Plant

    In 2014, Konya, which is located in Karapinar district of Konya province, is located in RESA(renewable energy source area) area of 1000 MW and entered into the second group licensed solar power plant contract and 8 MW licensed project was won by AAB energy company in our company. In this context, pre-license transactions continue within the scope of RESA(renewable energy source area) Project, and with the conclusion of the pre-license transactions will be finalized by our company will start to invest. The annual contribution of the project to the country is planned as 14 million KW / h.

  • 32 MW Solar Power Plant

    Our plant, which is located in Fevzipaşa district of Karapınar county of Konya province in 2014 and it has 5,2 MW installed capacity, is made up of 5 projects with 1 MW installed power, as well as Turkey's first single axis solar tracking system (German technology) It also has the feature of being a power plant using thin film panel (Japanese technology). The contribution of this plant to our country's annual energy production is 9.5 million KW / h. Our energy group is also planned to include Turkey's energy production potential in the cities of Selçuklu, Meram, Çumra and Beyşehir in Konya and in Aksaray province of Kutlu with an installed capacity of approximately 26.5 MW in 2017. With this investment, our group is provide an annual contribution of 46.5 MW / h to Turkey's energy production.

  • 400 KW Roof Solar Power Plant

    As of 2014, our company has the feature of being one of Konya's first Solar Power Plant projects, which is located in the 4000 m2 roof of the central building and has a roof power of 380 KW. This application not only meets the needs of our head office but also contributes to the domestic energy production by supplying excess production to the network.

Wind Power Plant

  • 15 MW Kayabeli Wind Power Plant

    For the project located in the province of Doğanhisar in Konya Province, wind measurements and analyzes were carried out in 2015 at the area and the competition conditions of the region were fulfilled. Within this scope, our company is prepared with the investor partners who will compete with EMRA(energy market regulatory) which is the related institution.