GİTAŞ was established in 1974 to operate in the field of food marketing. Later, the company started to operate in the fields of agricultural products, tire sales, crude oil production and foreign trade. GİTAŞ continues its agricultural activities on 8,000,000.00 m2 of arable land. GİTAŞ produces crude oil in its factory with a total area of ​​50.000.00 m2. This area also has a closed storage area of ​​20,000.00 m2.
The Renewable Energy sector started with the 830 KW investment of Tayfun HEPP (Hydro Power Plant) in 2012 and started to develop licensed and unlicensed SPP investments in 2013. GİTAŞ has 38 Mw unlicensed SPP (Solar Power Plant) and 8 Mw licensed SPP projects.
As Gitaş Aydoğanlar Group, we have been in the energy sector since 2013. We have a total of 28.25 Mw / 31.45 Mwp ​​ground type GES projects in 6 different regions of Konya and Aksaray Province.
We have a 400 KW Roof SPP project in our Konya Aydoğanlar Automotive Group campus. Our 700 KW Roof SPP project has been put into use in our existing factory building in the Organized Industrial Zone.
In addition, we have a Hydroelectric Power Plant with an installed power of 0.86 MW in the Andırın Region of Kahramanmaraş Province.
Our company also continues project development and feasibility studies on GES and WPPs.
Kadirli Enerji Üretim A.Ş., which joined our roof company at the beginning of 2013. Our Tayfun Hydroelectric Power Plant on Keşiş Stream, which is owned by A.Ş., is located within the borders of Kumarlı Village of Andırın District of Kahramanmaraş Province. Our channel type power plant with an installed capacity of 0.86 MW has 2 Horizontal Francis water turbines and has an annual average energy production of 5.2 GWh.

In 2018, it submitted a bid for the privatization of the Çine Hydroelectric Power Plant (HEPP) owned by Elektrik Üretim AŞ (EÜAŞ) and the immovable properties used by this power plant.
A bid was submitted to the tender held for the privatization of the Gonen hydroelectric power plant and the immovables used by this power plant, which was also held in March 2018, and it became a partner in serious competition by remaining in the last two auctions.
As GİTAŞ Energy Group, we attach great importance and support to renewable energy production and our project R&D studies continue.

Wind measurements and analyzes were made in the field in 2015 for the KAYABELİ WPP project with a power of 15 MW, located in Doğanhisar district of Konya province, and the project took part in the competition in 2017.

Our company continues its R&D studies on Wind Energy and continues to negotiate with licensed companies.

Some of these projects are Yılmaz WPP 15 Mw İzmir and Yeniköy WPP 15 Mw Çanakkale.


In 2014, Aydoganlar Automotive 400 kW Roof Application project and installation processes were started and the system was put into use in 2015. Our roof application, which is among the first projects commissioned in the roof application in Konya, has set an example project for other industrialists and investors.
As Roof Application, our project in the Organized Industrial Zone with a power of 700 kW has been completed and it is the first SPP accepted in Turkey within the scope of the changed Roof SPP regulation.

In 2015, the installation of our GES field, which combines the first single axis motion system (tracker) and thin film panel technology in Turkey, has started in the Karapınar region of Konya, with an installed capacity of 5.2 MW. With our solution partner, the system was provisionally accepted and put into use in August 2016.
The installation of our 24 MW SPP Projects, for which call letters and connection agreements were received in 2016, were completed and commissioned in 2017.
16.3 MW of our projects were made with polycrystalline panels, and 9 MW of them were made with thin-film panel technology.
Panel selections were made considering the conditions of the region such as radiation, wind, humidity and snowfall.