Gitas Group of Companies; It continues its services in many fields from energy to food, from agriculture to foreign trade in accordance with quality standards.
Gitaş Group of Companies, which is extremely sensitive to customer expectations, has adopted the understanding of quality as a philosophy of life since its establishment. Considering that it is wrong to talk about acceptable error rates within the company, machine and process capabilities are constantly monitored in order to achieve the goal of not making mistakes, and improvements and projects are carried out every year to increase qualifications. In this direction, Gitas continues its activities in the light of continuous development.

Within the framework of our quality policy;
To deliver our customers' needs in terms of quality, cost and problem-free delivery on time with a planned production,
To ensure that costs are kept at the lowest levels by taking into account the domestic and foreign competition conditions,
To provide detailed information to our customers about the production of the products,
To help our suppliers in the best way to improve their quality management systems,
In order to prioritize team spirit, to spread teamwork as much as possible, where the responsibility of the individual is not limited to his own work, and everyone intervenes in negativities
To carry out the necessary improvement works in order to achieve and improve the process objectives in the quality management system,
While achieving all these goals, taking all necessary precautions regarding human and environmental health is within the general scope of our quality policy.