Kameroğlu Hacı İbrahim AYDOĞAN had a say in transportation and trade in the Karapınar region in the mid-1800s. His son Kameroğlu Hacı Mehmet AYDOĞAN continued the business he received from his father as the second generation. Kameroğlu Hacı Bekir AYDOĞAN, who is the third generation, continued to trade and transportation with trucks and wagons with the developing technology. With the Karapınar road route losing its influence, the AYDOĞAN family turned to local trade and continued its commercial life with auto spare parts agency and petrol stations. İbrahim AYDOĞAN, the fourth generation, moved the entire AYDOĞAN family and trade center to Konya in the 1970s by continuing the branch in Karapınar. Afterwards, İbrahim AYDOĞAN, with his brothers Mehmet and Yaşar AYDOĞAN, sold and distributed brands such as Philips, AEG, İpragaz, Arçelik, Skoda, Jawa in Konya and its surroundings. In this period, he brought television to Konya for the first time and offered it to the people of Konya. Later, the AYDOĞAN family turned to auto spare parts and focused on the auto tire industry. He has been the dealer of Pirelli and Good Year tires since 1950, and Aydoğanlar Otomotiv A.Ş. and Aydoğanlar Oto Lastik, among the top five successful dealers throughout Turkey every year.

The AYDOĞAN family bought all the shares of Gitaş Gıda ve Need Maddeleri Ticaret Sanayi A.Ş., which was established in 1975 to supply products to its partners, and thus the family stepped into the food industry. Gitaş Inc. It started foreign trade in 1999 and carried its success abroad. With the production and packaging of Gitaş Cube Sugar, Moon Cube Sugar and Gitaş Powder Sugar, which it started in 2000, it has reached a daily production capacity of 180 tons in the field of food. In 2013, it invested 50 million Euros in power plants with a total power of 50 MW in the field of energy and demonstrated its environmentalist side. In addition to all these, it has increased the cultivation area in the region from 25,000 tons/year to 180,000-250,000 tons/year by producing oil and pulp with its Oil Seed Processing Facility established on an area of ​​50,000 m2.

 Gitas Inc. With the advantage of being the 5th Generation Family Company of the Aydoğan family, it continues to move forward with much more successful and solid steps.